Friday, August 17, 2007

La Famille Cloche est en vacances

This view was on a walk in February near to Bagnoles where there is a Michelin starred restaurant 20 mins from our house in Normandy.
This time we will try the restaurant!!
Tasks for the summer Normandy trip will be to get the roof repaired from the "catastrophe naturale" which occurred in June when the roof sklights were broken by enormous fist-sized hailstones.
We will have visits from a builder, an insurance agent Cecille, and an Ian an englishman who has a bathroom and kitchen business in Normandy.
The wine cellar in england is terribly depleted deliberately par moi so I can go on a lovely wine buying spree - we have almost run out of "fizzy pop" - Cremant D`Alsace!
We have yet to go to Falaise and Deauville and Alencon and the Loire so expect lots of pics on return!
A bientot mes amis!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Seeing signs

This is a guy called Richard resting in front of the art exhibition in our Church. He built the displays and the exhibition has attracted sponsorship from Greenbelt Arts and has been on show for the last month. It will be going to another church for display and oh yes did I mention I had a painting in it - hohohoho I can legitimately say I am an exhibited artist, which with me reading one of "me love poems" at New Wine in front of about 150 people at a fringe event means I am an artist and a poet!!
Doncha know it.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

and the animals came in 2 by 2

So there was this "severe weather warning" from the Met office for the East Midlands, when we were driving down to Newark for our annual christian camp. For the geographically challenged..........Newark is in the east Midlands!!! I`m not saying there was a lot of rain but we had to release a raven and a dove from the car to make landfall. On arrival most of the site was under the aforementioned H2O and we were unable to get onto Red4, let alone put anything up! We were moved to the disused airfield next door and were on the old runway!
What was amazing were the children who had a whale of a time (probably Jonah`s!) tho' a lot of adults looked thoroughly grumpy!
Anyway this year Anne did her first seminar "Suffer the little children" where she asked Philippa Hannah (her brother is the bassist in Jamiroquai! Check her out at to play a few songs and sing over the parents with their little ones on the floor. It went very well!
I did my usual sex (Hot Monogamy for men!) and anxiety (Overcoming Stress and Anxiety) and depression kind of thing. The latter was at Shepton Mallet in Somerset at the end of the week when Ruth and I travelled down for one night and packed about 600 people into a venue for 250 with no ministry team.... hmmmmm!
Despite the weather the spiritual refreshment was amazing and spending quality time reflecting on where we were at in life with God and His people was invaluable.
It is always humbling to realise yet again that God is the voice who speaks at the centre of everything and that He never shouts - so when we take time to be still and listen He is there at the centre - loving us.