Sunday, March 18, 2007

APY is the way I'm feeling

So today I bought a new battery for APY 150G my 1969 Beetle - I drove it to the evening celebration tonight over the winding road to Saltburn - fabulous handling - what a car!!However it does need a respray and probably one new wing now as rust has started to appear. It is 5 years since the rebuild so I need suggestions as to the colour. I'm thinking NAVY BLUE WITH ICE BLUE AND WHITE FEATHERED FLAMES! Anne thinks lurid pink! As so far none of the children have made an attempt on it - any colour is a possibility

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Journey of a lifetime

Well what a couple of weeks since the french holiday. Surfing on God's blessing! Have been very busy at work but it has been very enjoyable, with some extremely unwell patients to see, including a mystery patient brought into the hospital completely mute, via sleeping rough on the streets of Edinburgh! Another patient is so ill we are doubling her medication every few days - in the words of Dr House "it`ll either kill you or cure you!" Just joking folks!

Strategically we are facing a season of complete change as we enter into the organised chaos of Foundation Trust application - bye bye comfy disorganised NHS and hello big business. Many of the staff are going to struggle with the transition into a sharper financial culture, however I am discovering that I love it. The sharper the decision and the greater the change the happier I am - a bit of an adrenaline addict I think!

The big fun recently has been doing some songwriting with a friend (Hi David), as a pair of old rockers we wanted to write a Rock anthem but ended up with a soft girlie ballad - which will be played after the encores in the set list! We now have to work on the rest of the set - get writing David!! He assures me that he has a "U2" style song on the go - cunningly using almost exactly the same chords AS OUR FIRST SONG! Well Oasis did quite well with that plan!

Tonight we are off to see Journey on their last date of the current tour - over 75 million albums sold worldwide and a new CD out - they are one of my favourite bands from the teenage years - so I will be in heaven tonight!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Supermodel and the Doctor

Dr Anne occasionally has to visit one of my in-patient units where she has a "boarder", so when the nursing staff realised who she was (i.e. married to me!!!), they had a request for her.

Apparently one of my patients thinks that I am so handsome that she (yes the patient is a she!)wanted to meet my wife as "anyone married to Dr Bell must be a SuperModel!".

Anne seemed to find this vair vair amusant.

I happen to think that my patient is right on both counts!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

One of the Broken

Hi, this is God here,
Talking to me used to be a simple affair
Moses only had to see a burning bush
And he'd pull up a chair
Well it's been a long time since we talked in that way
If you're wondering what to say...
Sing me no deep hymn of devotion
Sing me no slow sweet melody
Sing it to one, one of the broken
And brother you're singing, singing to me
I remember King David
With his harp and his beautiful, beautiful songs
I answered his prayers
And showed him a place where his music belongs
It's not too far from here come get up off your knees
If you're looking for ways to please...
Sing me no psalm you're not King David
Sing me no high hushed Glory Be
Sing it to one, one of the broken
And brother you're singing, singing to me
Sing me no deep hymn of devotion
Sing me no slow sweet melody
Sing it to one, one of the broken
And brother you're singing, singing to me