Monday, April 21, 2008

purple haze

Angus and i had a little free time over the weekend due to unforeseen sickness in expected visitors. So we tackled the needs of our hut, it was dried out and unprotected, requiring a new coat of anti-fungal preservative/weather protector. We had decided a lovely Scandinavian pale blue, as seen in Sweden would be a lovely alternative to boring green and brown. The perfect stain was ordered from the Internet and arrived ready for applying with sprayer or paintbrush.
Here is the result after a serious attack of bad language, both of us covered in purple splatters, we gave up after doing 2 of the 4 walls.We stood back and said "Oh."

We think now we could make a really positive thing out of it and borrow some wheelie bins from Liverpool which happen to be a great colour match. Maybe even go for a bright yellow deck stain. What do you think???

Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Fish in Normandy

So we went to Normandy for Easter - Anne got ill on the way down and coughed incessantly for the whole holiday and slept hardly at all. The weather was pants from the first week (tho it was worse in England) and the oil fired boiler decided to die on us and was condemned by a host of french plumbers who congregated in our cellar looking at it and muttering "c`est grave" then with a doleful expression "c`est morte"! It being the female boiler "la chaudiere".
After the installation of a new boiler, I noticed that there was a huge pool of oil under the flaming box that is an oil fired boiler - so we had to get the plombier in again to sort that out - after that all was well except it was dribbling water at the back - all that was needed was a tightening of a pipe at the back - I nearly said to the plumber that there was a problem and that I wanted him to "serrer la pipe" - I felt that maybe there was another meaning to the word "pipe" - if you look up the word at you will see how close I came to entente cordiale!

On top of all this the TV broke down and everything is closed until April 1st "Poisson d`Avril".

However we had a calvados tasting from the casks (70% alcohol), cider tasting (up to 7 years old), Poire tasting and we went to Camembert village and disovered la fosse d`Arthur, which
is a beauty spot